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      Overlanding is about taking a vehicle into remote areas where it would be insane to use a “normal vehicle” to get there. The journey is often as important as the destination. Here’s an example of an Overlanding adventure described in Outside magazine.

      This isn’t a trip for those worried about scratching their vehicle, and the Rubicon Trail Foundation recommends several vehicle modifications like larger tires and a lift kit to prevent damage. The reward for all that preparation is a few days of camping along one of the most famous overland routes in the world. 

      The CyberTruck’s “adaptive air suspension for self-leveling and ride-height adjustment, up to 16 inches” seems to make it well-suited for Overlanding. A few trail suggestions below for after your 2021 delivery.

    • I would not. Under load, electric vehicles become significantly less efficient. The video below explains why they're bad at towing, but any additional load applies. Just maybe not as much as a heavy trailer.

      ...And I can carry a couple of 5 gallon cans of gas. 100+ miles of electricity isn't easy to bring along.