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    • As a kid anything by Douglas Adams.
      As a young adult it was Hunter S Thompson.
      I was in the US on a visitor visa back in the 90's and rode my 70' suzuki GS450s up and over hwy 84 as I did almost everyday I lived here. Stopped at the san gergorio general store, and they had a propaganda table of various books pamphlets etc. I saw this amazing cover and picked it up. Guy behind the counter yelled over, "grab that, it will change you"
      I read it cover to cover 3 times straight and never laugh so hard and was amazed at the style of writing. Some interesting lit for sure.

    • This is the book that had the most influence on my life: . It was read to me by my parents when I was a young child and it greatly influenced my world view ever since. Simply stated, mice in a barn report on what they see, each one influenced by their own particular perspective, making the argument that how we understand our world is influenced greatly by how we look at it, and the import of utilizing different perspectives.