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    • Snowboarding is fun, and I really enjoy it. I did it when I had full vision, and doing with less vision was scary at first, but I was able to pick it up and get better at it. Just trying different things, I’m just an adrenaline junky, I like to be moving and doing things, whether it’s something I can really excel at, like cycling, or recreational, like snowboarding. I want to go skydiving. Activities or sports that are different than something I’ve done before, just moving and being active. There’s no real sport I want to just do. There are a few that I haven’t done that are adapted for the visually impaired, one is beep-baseball, I’ve experienced that at one of the camps we sponsored last year - going to these camps that we sponsor, I don’t just get to meet the kids or the directors, but sometimes they put me in the action as well! They’ll have me try to hit a ball off the tee, then run to the base. It’s out of my comfort zone, it’s difficult, but it’s the fun part of what I do.