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    • jim

      I read recently that when Amazon introduced the Echo, some enterprising developers started creating games for the blind that were very well received. So what do you do for fun?

      • I don’t play video games, haha! I like to be active and moving, so when I’m not working on the organization or training for a race, I like to do more recreational things, whether it be going on a hike, or going tubing down the river with family - anything that’s outdoors or moving I like to do for fun, besides hanging out with friends and family. I try to fit in as much as I can besides the two full-time jobs I have - between the organization and training! 

    • What fact is common knowledge to people who work in your field, but almost unknown to the rest of the population?

      • One, just some statistic on how many people who are visually impaired or blind who are sedentary or overweight: that statistic is pretty high. I believe it’s two times what the annual rate is for people living in the United States. And that’s something most people wouldn’t know, unless you’re in this field. And just how many visual impairments there are. You’re not just completely blind, there are things like legally blind, or partially-sighted, there’s a lot of in-betweens and different visual impairments and retinal degenerative diseases that someone could easily look up, but you may not know unless you have a connection to a person or friend or family member who has that disorder or disease. So educating oneself.