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    • Sure. So creating the Foreseeable Future Foundation was an interesting start. When I was in college, I found that a lot of people were asking me what my vision was, what I could and couldn’t see, because it wasn’t obvious, I didn’t have a cane or a dog, people not realizing that there’s a lot of gray area in-between with visual impairment. So through a club I was a part of on campus, we started doing awareness events throughout the year to bring awareness to that area, and to show that there are a variety of visual impairments, that there are people with these challenges, and these are ways to overcome them, and we started doing that my sophomore year of college, starting with just a walk, raising a decent amount of money. And then my senior year, we had 4-5 events throughout the year getting people actually interacting with activities you’d do on a day to day basis if you were visually impaired or blind. So for example, we’d have a challenge event where people would be blind folded and then playing mini golf or water polo.

      For the actual walk, our fundraiser, we’d have people put on a blindfold to simulate a different visual impairment, and get them in the shoes of the visually impaired. So that’s kind of where the idea started. And after I graduated from college, I saw there was a real need to help the visually impaired with the sports and recreation component. That a lot of kids and adults who are visually impaired are left out of sports, or P.E. class, and not really integrated. So seeing there was a need for that, how much I’ve gotten out of my own athletic career, I saw there was a need to do it, and we started it, and over the past few years, it’s grown really fast, and grown to do a lot to help the community I’m a part of.