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    • That’s a great question. There are a few other organizations that focus on people with disabilities as a whole, and they do great, incredible work. But it just wasn’t focused on the visually impaired, or there wasn’t as much put towards the visually impaired community. Once I did more research and found out in-depth, I think in the past 10 years a lot has been done for adapting sports for the visually impaired - which would have been great when I was a kid, when I started to lose my vision!

      I also think it’s something that’s either overlooked - whether it’s in schools, blind schools or the communities - and really, it comes down to funding. You want to get people moving and active in this community, and you have people who are great advocates and volunteers who want to do something, but it’s tough when it comes down to dollars or where they get funding. So there are a lot of people out there who want to do a program, or have some kids or people who could benefit from getting involved in sports and recreation, but don’t know where to turn to for funding. So that’s something we’re really filling a need for - an organization who’s focused on helping the visually impaired and blind community with the sports and recreation component, helping them fund their endeavors. It’s something that hasn’t been done specifically for that community. And I think there are so many people who get overlooked in this one category, and we’re able to help them. Over time, things are progressing, which is great, but we’re hoping to fill that gap.