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    • I'm a fan of, but I don't need another music subscription.

      Any recommendations for instrumental music for times when intense focus is needed?

    • I'm a big fan of Audiomachine and their awesome soundtracks. Their music is used in many movie trailers lately. It is intense and keeps me on the edge. They don't use lyrics in any of their songs so you won't shift your focus.

      One of my favorite albums is "Existence" and I've actually purchased all of their albums in CD version just so I have the highest quality ripped version of them despite having them also available on Spotify (I'm a subscriber) in 320kbps streaming.

    • I tried to listen to Audimachine and found I wanted to spend more time listening. I really enjoyed Existence.

      Thanks for the recommendation. And if you are looking, J. Ralph is also worth a listen.

    • i know a little something about this stuff... if you are looking to mask the outside world, a noise masking system is better than a melodic source. You can still play music over it.

      The other ones I use quite a bit are Brian Eno’s Music for Airports, and the various Brian Eno apps, I have iOS. I also use California Guitar Trio.