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    • If it's uninteresting and poorly made, I'll start to fall asleep. Like, even if I'm not tired, I'll just be unable to keep my eyes open. It's weird.

      Oh my god, that's totally me. I think for me it's part of being ADHD, it's really hard for me to sit in one place and not move around. I am the WORST in theaters if a movie is uninteresting and poorly made, I really have to fight the yawns. In school I would just straight up fall asleep and I would get the ruler on the desk... fun times.

      When I was a kid in the pre-DVD era, I devoured what few behind-the-scenes specials there were on TV, and one of my favorite TV shows was "Movie Magic" on the Discovery channel, which showed how big blockbusters were made. It was all we had before there were DVDs with special features.

      I was definitely one of those kids that watched every single behind the scenes a DVD had to offer. DVDs were just coming out when I was around 5, so all of that bonus material, especially of a film I loved was like I was getting more movie with characters I loved..... Such a weird 5 year old lol.