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    • I do this too! I've always been fascinated by filmmaking, so I'm constantly thinking about how they did things as I'm watching a movie or TV show. It doesn't really distract me though — it's sort of like there are two parallel threads in my brain, one that's just enjoying the movie and one that's constantly thinking about how it was made.

      If a movie is really good, then I'll get so absorbed in the plot that I forget to care about how it was made. And sometimes if it's really bad I just stop paying attention to the plot entirely and try to at least get some enjoyment out of analyzing the craft. If it's uninteresting and poorly made, I'll start to fall asleep. Like, even if I'm not tired, I'll just be unable to keep my eyes open. It's weird.

      When I was a kid in the pre-DVD era, I devoured what few behind-the-scenes specials there were on TV, and one of my favorite TV shows was "Movie Magic" on the Discovery channel, which showed how big blockbusters were made. It was all we had before there were DVDs with special features. 😄

    • I think I get absorbed in the story until there's a car scene, then I'm just looking for the obvious green-screen signs. I get so annoyed when a car scene is obviously fake 😂.

    • The special eefects that fascinate me are the ones that I miss until they are pointed out. Ron Howard's "A Beautiful Mind" is (in my humble opinion) a masterpiece because the special effects are easily overlooked and the acting and plot are "center stage."