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    • @wxwax, I am a fan of sticking them in a photobook...just the highlights of what life was like in the months prior to birth on up to when the kid's walking. Mostly, it's for mom 'n dad. But every now and then, it gets whipped out for the whole fam to reminisce over. The mountain of pics and vids taken really do get lost in ambivalence. It takes too much effort after-the-fact, to connect the dots between the images and the moments...who those faces are...where they are...what they were doing...why it matters. I'm not huge on scrap booking. But I do take the effort to distill things down once every year or so.

      The Google Photos & Smugmugs of the world....they're a *huge* help in making it easier to manage the mountain. At least some pieces are automatically catalogued from the Exif. The next generation isn't going to be stuck with a giant mess of film and photo paper. They'll be stuck with giant messes of ones and zeroes. Still annoying...but at least there are useful tools to sift through it all.