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    • Yeah, when I started running the numbers, I realized that was more so the design of the file structure. It's the upper limit to what can be stored, not a count of possibilities that the sensor can capture per pixel. That sounds complicated. I just found it interesting how a few more bits leads to exponentially more data.

    • Your comments are on point. Just to add my thoughts and recapitulate what many here have said: The flexibility afforded by RAW files is massive. I see it in every shot I take on my d810. If you have highlights and shadows in your image, jpg loses significant information that is only "recoverable" in a distorted sense in post. The RAWs just have it all there.

      I've got fast cards, a fast computer, and infinite storage through my work, so the extra processing time doesn't bother me. Especially since I started using multiple catalogues in Adobe Lightroom (my primary pp application)