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    • Individuals who are intimately familiar with Donald Trump’s phone conversations with world leaders have told the press that  these conversations are incredibly alarming. That Trump is woefully underprepared and getting taken to the cleaners by adversarial leaders like Vladimir Putin (Russia) and Recep Erdogan (Turkey). Also, Trump has been ‘near sadistic’ to Angela Merkel (Germany) and Theresa May (United Kingdom), calling them “stupid” and “weak.” 

      This of course comes on the heels of earlier reports that he was briefed about bounties put on U.S. troops by the Russians in Afghanistan. 

      (Photo: CNN)

    • Why Twitter and Facebook don’t ban Trumps accounts is beyond me.

      Both platforms seem scared of a backlash.

      They both have the resources to defend a challenge if Trump goes bizerk.

    • It's not just the rest of the world, it's many in the US too.

      I continue to be appalled at his behavior.

    • I actually think the better thing to do is fact check his tweets and delete any tweets of his that are really off the rails. If they deleted his social media accounts, that would just fire up his base more. By fact checking his stuff, it allows him to say what he wants, but it also delegitimizes him at the same time. That's my read.

    • I see it from a different perspective being outside the USA.

      I think that the social media giants like FB, Twitter and instagram have a responsibility not to let him sprout his off the rail stuff.

      His rusted on supporters will not vote differently, if he's banned or his social media is fact checked, they simply do not care about truth.

      American conservatism seems to have been hijacked by the far right, and a leader that will stop at nothing to secure another term for his personal gain.

      Why allow him a voice on social media?

    • I can understand the initial draw some voters felt to Trump, a self-made and charismatic business genius who promised a better world to coal miners, auto workers and tax cuts plus deregulation to business leaders. Some didn’t like Hillary’s tone. Okay, let’s rally behind him and hope he succeeds.

      What I can’t understand is why, after all the turmoil and reporting, evangelicals and women still support a serial philanderer who pays off porn stars, fiscal conservatives support such deficits, and laborers support a man so desperate to cut health care and who forgot about coal.

      Support for George W Bush completely collapsed. Why hasn’t it for Trump?

      Instead, it seems like trust in journalism and science are collapsing.

    • I know, Chris. I feel the same way. I just don't get it. I can somewhat understand the first time when Trump was an outsider going up against Clinton, who represented the establishment. But now, he's part of the establishment and has actually made the establishment even worse and made what was before look even better.

      I don't get how anyone can still support him. It's mind boggling.

    • Abortion

      Donald Trump has fulfilled his campaign promise to pack the Supreme Court with Pro-Life judges. On Monday, Justice Kavanaugh dissented on the Louisiana abortion decision. Pro-Life Evangelicals should be expected to continue to support such a president to further pack the court.

      I’ve heard neoliberals arguing that the main reason to vote for Biden is because of the generational impact on the Courts if he isn’t elected. So it shouldn’t be a surprise if Evangelicals use a similar metric to guide their decision this November.


      More wars were waged under the Obama-Biden administration than any other President since the Cold War. Under Trump, there was no additional wars started, no massive increase in soldier casualties from war, and a peace agreement was signed with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Susan Rice as a potential VP choice for Biden may signal a return to US interventionalism.

      For those who are looking for an improved economic situation, what exactly is Biden offering them?

      On an economic front, the US economy was doing extremely well under President Trump until COVID. As long as the cause of the recession is successfully blamed on the Democrats for closing their states, there’s no reason to believe that four more years of Trump won’t provide a return to a strong economy.

      If Trump supporters believe that the ACA is evil and against everything they believe in, what does Biden have left to offer them?

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    • You do a good job of bringing specifics to the argument, I just can’t get there on any of those specifics except abortion. Obama-Biden are the ones who handed Trump such a good economy, sans such a large deficit. They inherited a terrible economy, war, and unrest.

      As for the ACA, I think Trump has helped get a small majority of Americans to approve it, no?

    • Am I missing something here? I don’t see many Trump supporters in favor of the ACA, per the article you shared: “94% of Democrats, 11% of Republicans and 53% of independents approve.”

      Meaning that almost 90% of Republicans disapprove of the ACA.

      And almost 80% of Republicans support the Supreme Court overturning the ACA per the November Kaiser Foundation Polling:

    • I was over-simplifying when I said that. I understand the part about abortion and believing that Democrats’ pro-choice stance goes too far. I also understand that a certain portion of the population has been taught that the Democratic Party is terrible and that no way under the sun should they ever be supported. I have relatives who fall into this camp. A lot of them live in central Utah. @Chris knows a lot of these folks as well. So, I understand that side of the coin. 

      But, what I don’t get is how they can support someone who is so disrespectful towards women and is so blatantly immoral and lives a lifestyle that is so contrary to their Christian teachings. Also, the whole snuggling up to Russia thing you would think would upset these people a lot more since Russia has been our sworn enemy for so long. So unpatriotic to give Russia any benefit of the doubt! 

      Trump hasn’t done anything to really make the government any smaller. He’s turned into another big government Republican only one that is incompetent. So, while I understand what they believe Trump offers them, I still think when you add it all up, the negatives should outweigh the positives. But clearly, they feel differently than I do. 

      I will say this: If this Russian bounty thing is as serious is as it could be, it’ll be interesting to see how they spin that one since conservatives are all about protecting the troops. That’s one of their major calling cards. Trump turning his back on the troops should offend them more than anything else.

    • It’s where it has come from. Before Trump was elected, approval of the ACA was much lower. Republican support is still low, but not as low as it was, and many Trump supporters are independents and a few are democrats.

    • I didn’t realize Black Lives Matter was such a big deal with white evangelicals.

      It feels to me like chasing white evangelicals is like chasing coal miners. The percent of them in the population is declining. It feels like evangelicals are losing their youth because of their far right views and support of Trump.

    • Moral Character

      I think it’s easy for Trump supporters not to see any moral issues with Trump. Trump has never been convicted of any of the serious accusations made against him, which means voters can believe they’re all untrue.

      He has publicly said reprehensible things about women, but they were all his enemies. Don’t Democrats engage in fat shaming of the president? And making fun of Trump’s apparent disabilty with physical stability, after his walk down the runway at West Point?

      Shrinking Government

      Trump has reduced the impact of “Big Government” through executive orders to deregulate coal and other industries. He also signed a $2 trillion tax cut and increased the military budget by over $100 billion. Add in the COVID stimulus package spendings and he’s given the Republicans the leverage to cut social services programs: we don’t have the money to pay for them and therefore have to cut the deficit. You heard Republicans making such arguments after the first round of stimulus packages was passed.

      The message to Trump supporters: re-elect Trump and he will complete the job of shrinking the government.


      Other than “anonymous government sources” in an article in the “failing and fake news New York Times,” or from remarks not made under oath by an ousted Jon Bolton, what evidence is there that Trump was actually told of the bounty? And that it had been confirmed by credible sources.

      The Trump administration is saying that the reports were deemed not credible by the Intelligence agencies and were therefore never shared with him:

      “National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien on Wednesday claimed that President Trump’s CIA briefer made the call not to share with him the intelligence referencing Russia allegedly offering bounties to Afghan militants for killing U.S. soldiers.

      “O’Brien, during an interview with ‘Fox & Friends,’ was asked about the bombshell New York Times report that said Trump was briefed on the bounties and that he did nothing about it. He maintained that the president ‘was not briefed.’”


      Trump supporters still have plenty of reasons to still support the President and to dismiss the accusations and negative assesments as “fake news.”

      Do I personally share their sense of reality?

      No, I do not.

      But you and Chris asked an intriguing question on “Why do Trump supporters think differently from me?” and I wanted to dig into the details to try to make sense of things and try to answer the Why.

      Post Script

      @Chris I saw that you posted an additional chart on the increase in support for ACA among independents. I guess I would want to know of the percentage breakdown of who they voted for in 2016.

      Because I genuinely don’t know if a majority of Independents voted HRC/Green, Trump, or Libertarian: if a majority of Independents voted for HRC or the Green Party, then you can’t conclude that a significant minority of Independent Trump supporters are in favor of ACA.

      I think it would be useful to poll a sample of Independents who voted for Trump and to ask them if they support the ACA now four years later.

      You may be right that a significant percentage of Trump Independents now support the ACA. But I don’t see it from the Kaiser provided polling data.

    • Well this article is very fascinating, about which ads work against Trump. The thought from Democrats has always been character ads because he doesn’t have a long record to campaign against, but the character ads don’t persuade his base. They know he lies and all the rest but it doesn’t change their vote.

      But suddenly they have a bonanza: his handling of the coronavirus. It puts themselves, their families, their jobs and their health insurance at risk. They hate his anti-science on that topic. Also, Joe is likable so positive character ads on him work.

    • This is how they should be attacking Trump. You gotta take him seriously and attack him on how he’s handled matters of substance. All the crazy stuff he says, he wants to be attacked on those things because it gives him the kind of ratings that he wants. By ignoring his theatrics and zeroing in on policy decisions of his, that’s how you get him.

    • No chance he drops out. He’ll go down with the ship if needed. I do agree that his best way to campaign is to take the virus seriously, tho. His rallies pump up his base, but don’t do anything to attract crossover voters.

    • He’s in so far over his head it isn’t funny. His only focus is to keep his base riled up against the Democrats and undermine trust in news and facts. Total incompetence.