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    • When we were starting work on Cake near the end of 2015, I tried every social site, forum and community I could think of. Somehow I don't remember Vero from back then, but suddenly it has gone viral and become #1 in Apple's AppStore. Just last week it wasn't in the top 1500.

      Anyone know why it suddenly caught on? Will it stick? Their servers are crushed at the moment, so CO.DESIGN tried it so that "you never, ever have to." There is an old saying that the best way to kill a bad product is with good marketing.

      I actually kinda liked it as substitute for Instagram to admire other photographer's photos.

    • I tried it for 5 min. You can see the appeal. They are hitting where Facebook hurts: "true social", older demographic (>17 years old), no social media (aka fake news), etc

    • Also, they are trying to jump over the so-called "network cold-start" problem by throwing out an implied threat of charging latecomers an annual fee. Not a bad idea. Crypto is in part about offering economic incentives for early adopters relative to late adopters. Here is a stick instead of carrot.

    • I feel like it’s photographers to photographers. IG seems to have that plus auidience. How will Vero attract the latter if they have to pay?

      Doesn’t make sense to me. Well, I get it but why?

    • oh. And if I sign up, every that has my phone number in their address book gets notified. Me thinks the Vero play is verified social networks and relationships.

    • The hype around Vero seems to exacerbate the app’s performance problems and reading through the reviews it seems to be not that user friendly 🤔

      Perhaps the biggest thing that is going for Vero is that it is a rising alternative to giants like Facebook and Instagram. There aren’t any social network apps that are getting any traction so Vero seems to pick up momentum as if this is a case of Crypto Currency. So you have to “get in on the action” before it really takes off and you will be famous with “tons of followers”.

      This viral engine of people signing up, sharing their contact info with the app and thus inviting others is nothing new. It is a proven model of getting quick user growth numbers. What they aren’t saying is how many of them are coming back the next day. This is where the “stickiness” of the social network kicks in and what is the essence of any successful business.

      For now I’m seeing a 2.1 Star average reviews of the app with close to 3K reviewers chiming in . So it will be interesting to see, once the hype cools down, how much of the actual value does the app provide to those who got in early.

    • i think it will have a hard time staying pertinent beyond Instagram. It has advantages and disadvantages of course. However the gravity of advertising going to where the eyes are will make the revenue slow to grow. Perhaps the billionaire self funding will give it a longer leash.

    • I keep seeing this pop up and I still haven't tried it. I've mainly read negative feedback on it as a whole, which has made me almost dismiss even the idea of using it.

    • I see the hype has all but died now. Anyone still using it or has it become another ello?