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    • Most of my friends are on Peloton but not sure if that's for me. I already love my Cannondale road bike and wouldn't mind having something I can take with me during the 10 days I go to my family's house in New Hampshire. Wondering if this is the best solution? @VilTri @Chris

    • My brother bought a Peloton bike and a monthly subscription. He is pretty happy with it especially when doing classes. I, on the other hand, like to do my own thing and find Zwift much more engaging. So, if you already have a bike that you don't mind converting into a trainer then I would suggest getting a Tax Neo or a Wahoo Kickr.

      If budget is unlimited then Tax Neo Smart Bike is the best option for full immersion and fun on Zwift.

      Please ask any specific questions you might have about the platform or a bike trainer.

    • Wahoo Kickr

      thanks! I'm leaning towards the Wahoo Kickr (the more expensive one of their options).

      Any recommendations on accessories or other things I need to get / sign up for to make the experience great for home training?

      Sounds like Zwift subscription, anything else?

    • You might want to consider the $599 Wahoo Kicker Climb as well. Right now only Wahoo has this tech that integrates nicely with their trainers. The downside is that you can't do steering if with the Climb.

      Zwift is now supporting steering for races, which can be a lot of fun. You'll need the $60 Elite Sterzo Smart for that.

    • I have a Tacx Neo smart and have for years now. Online virtual worlds like Zwift are more for cyclists who want to get fit for cycling. I’d say peloton is more for people who just want a workout and enjoy spin classes and other similar gym classes. I’d say the smart trainer has more aftermarket options. Check out dcrainmaker (just google the name) for reviews on a wide assortment of smart trainer online programs and apps.