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    • I also follow Anna! She's great.

      That announcement post is by far the best design change announcement I've ever read. Concise and completely free of buzzwordy hand-wavy nonsense. Here are the problems we had with the old logo, and here's the new logo that we think is better because it solves those problems. I love it.

      A lot of people at Slack worked really hard on making this new logo happen, and it's pretty amazing what they pulled off. Logo changes are hard for a product like Slack.

      My honest reaction to the logo itself? Initially, I liked it. Then I saw this:

      ...and you know what? That's a better logo. It solves all the problems Slack sought to solve with their redesign, and it does so while retaining the "hash" brand identity. It's instantly recognizable the same way the old logo was. It feels like Slack to me.

      But my opinion doesn't matter. Slack is a good company that makes a good product, and the people who worked on their new logo did good work, and I think they should be proud of it. It might not be what I would have picked, but if I'm so smart why didn't I build Slack before Slack did? They've done just fine so far without me making decisions for them. 😄

    • I agree. I like the hashtaggy version above because it's simpler, has the hashtag implication, and has the love of Slack the company I've built up over the years.

      One thing that's bugging me a little is the Slack logo is starting to be associated in my mind with Slack the product (different from the company) that provides no respite, an inability to focus on something hard until Slack quits popping in the evening. I once interviewed an engineer from Netflix for a position at Cake and he said some significant number of people at Netflix had determined Slack was a productivity killer and had opted out. I was surprised at the time but I'm not so surprised now. It's as if everyone decided to stop emailing and start texting when Slack burst on the scene.

      Anyway, now when I see the Slack logo I tense up a little bit and think I'd better scroll back and see how much I missed when I was meeting someone in San Francisco for Cake.

    • I first saw this a few days ago. I'm not a Slack user myself, so this doesn't really affect me - but it felt as if something was off about this logo. I initially wondered if this was because the shape could be interpreted as a swastika - but I think they're doing a good enough job to break that up using color and variances in shape.

      Looking at it again now, the form reminds me of a flower, or some form of oriental ornament - neither of which really screams "tech-related communication". The dots are formed like speech bubbles, but the bars have no such connotation, so overall this doesn't really work, either. The connotation of a hash-shape is completely lost as well - using the colors differently to give the idea of four overlapping lines might have been better. I like the alternative linked to by @yaypie.

      Last but not least, I think that the idea of having a logo or wordmark in red/yellow/blue/green is overused by now. Google has it, Microsoft (Windows) has it, Ebay has it, ... Slack's current colors are a bit different (the red is somewhat pink, orange instead of yellow, ...), but I still think this is too close to others.

    • I don't use Slack so I don't really like or dislike the logo. I know a lot of people on Twitter hated it though. I just thought it was funny because Android users can simply change the logo on their phone with a custom icon pack, iOS users though are stuck with it.

    • I’m always fascinated by the reactions to high profile logo changes like this. People seem to rarely like the change, and it’s hard to tell if it’s just that people don’t like change or if the logo updates are objectively bad.

      I saw a lot of people on Twitter making fun of the new Slack logo, and while it’s good for a laugh, I also know that in a couple weeks, no one’s going to care about it anymore, and they’ll just adapt to it.

      As far as the logo itself, I think it’s good as a standalone design. But it does register totally different to me than the previous identity. This has a more sophisticated and nuanced imprint, whereas the previous identity was more playful, which I miss a little bit. But I think I’ll get used to it.

      I do like that alternate @yaypie posted! Kind of wish they just riffed on the hashtag a little more.

    • For the sole reason that this logo won’t look nearly as good on socks as the original, I’m gonna say nay.

      Pun very much intended.