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    • I’m always fascinated by the reactions to high profile logo changes like this. People seem to rarely like the change, and it’s hard to tell if it’s just that people don’t like change or if the logo updates are objectively bad.

      I saw a lot of people on Twitter making fun of the new Slack logo, and while it’s good for a laugh, I also know that in a couple weeks, no one’s going to care about it anymore, and they’ll just adapt to it.

      As far as the logo itself, I think it’s good as a standalone design. But it does register totally different to me than the previous identity. This has a more sophisticated and nuanced imprint, whereas the previous identity was more playful, which I miss a little bit. But I think I’ll get used to it.

      I do like that alternate @yaypie posted! Kind of wish they just riffed on the hashtag a little more.

    • For the sole reason that this logo won’t look nearly as good on socks as the original, I’m gonna say nay.

      Pun very much intended.