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    • I know - this convo title is totally misleading....but, isn't all news today? LOL

      As I am getting my studio lighting setup put together with a variety of backdrops, and, got my photographers profile approved on Model Mayhem, the next logical step was to take advantage of the ability to setup a wireless tether (that must be oxymoronic, right?) from my Sony a7RIV to my laptop. Then, it is more logical to run an HDMI cord from the laptop to a monitor. More on that later.

      With the holidays in full swing, and retail brick and mortar still keeping parking lots full, I have been wondering what is the current status of Fry's? We have had a couple of threads on here showing their demise and the obvious result is reduced, I mean REDUCED inventory....BUT, were they closing up shop?

      I needed an HMDI cord so I thought that was good enough reason to head down and see if Fry's is frackin'.

    • Once I pulled in the parking lot I actually expected to see the doors closed and maybe some local car dealership using their parking lot to sell used cars. The branding is about the same.

      None of the employees look depressed and even though all the $.99 bins that used to clutter the isles are gone, the stores 1st impression was they are definitely still in business.

    • I knew I needed to head back towards the back right wall for cords, etc. Where they used to have cords, all the rows were filled with somewhat big boxes of gaming chairs. I guess it looks like they have alot of stuff that way. I found my cords but don't come in here looking for a computer. THOSE are all gone and I am guessing those credit lines have vanished.

    • I bought a few inexpensive 4GB thumbdrives and got on my way. Definitely not what it used to be but it was "healthier" than I expected it to be. That tells me they are just riding the storm out for as long as it takes.

      Back to my garage band analogy.

      So, I am setting up TFP photoshoots with models on Model Mayhem if they are cooling getting shot in my garage. Today, my tripod stand for the 32" Visio monitor arrived so I put that together. Connected my laptop via HDMI, connected my camera wirelessly to my laptop and everything worked out great.

      Anyone here shooting tethered? It seems to me you do not necessarily want the model to be seeing the live shots or she might get distracted looking at the monitor versus my camera. But, in-between segments far better to do a quick review for lighting and body compositions.

      Fun when you can get your geek on at the same time as your creativity. yes, my fine art subject matter was a PB&J with strawberry milk. hahahahah

    • What a great idea! 👏 I am nowhere near what would be called an even semi skilled photographer, nor have the accoutrements, but one thing for sure I had started noticing out in the field, that my eye sight doesn't suffice any more on a small camera LCD, or even smart phone screen, to really tell what exactly am capturing, and adjust camera with accuracy. It kind of annoys me and I have to take multiple shots with various exposures and focus to make sure at least few come out decent.. Once home, nothing beats popping the SD card in the media PC and watching the true colors and image details come to life on my 54" Panasonic plasma monitor (which I still love and think has great image quality).