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    • Electric cars have fewer moving parts and don’t require routine oil changes, which threatens the auto parts industry and “quick lube” shops like Jiffy Lube. Not too mention the millions of gas stations around the country who will likely suffer because most folks will opt to charge at home or work.

      Another implication that hadn't even occurred to me until I got an electric car: most (maybe all?) electric cars use regenerative braking to recapture energy when you lift off the accelerator pedal.

      Since regenerative braking uses motor resistance to reduce speed instead of using the actual brakes, electric cars put much less wear on their brake pads. In fact, Elon Musk has said the Tesla Model 3's brake pads might never need replacing during the lifetime of the car with normal driving.

      So there goes thousands of brake shops too!

    • The even bigger disruption is going to be autonomous trucks. Trucking is one of top industries in something like 45 states. Small towns that serve as waypoints for truckers will disappear. No more truck stops, etc.

      There will be a few opportunities. For eaxample I explored building stations to install chains on autonomous trucks on each side of mountain passes. There will also probably be temp drivers for autonomous vechicles for entering cities and for feeder trucks from autonomous truck hubs. At least in the early days.