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    • It was just past high tide when I arrived at Hampton Beach yesterday. The ocean was wild, the wind was strong, and the sky was decorated with clouds. 

      It was a beautiful day for a walk by the sea.

    • My favorite destination - the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge - is off-limits for now because it is nesting season for the endangered piping plovers. Knowing I wanted to walk by the ocean and realizing that it was just after high tide I decided that Hampton Beach, NH would be my afternoon destination. That's a pretty wide beach so I knew that even at high tide there would be exposed sand for walking.

      Given that it was a very windy day I hoped to find some folks on the beach flying kites. That wasn't to be, but the clouds were interesting!

      Here's a view that almost makes the ocean appear quiet:

      The ocean-swept beach is clean, waves breaking against rocks.

      Receding waves leave white, incoming waves highlight the color of the ocean.