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    • yes yet this aspect of entrepreneurship is often left to luck and who you know! Plus it leaves many entrepreneurs out of the equation who dont have access via alumni networks or social circles to the same mentors. And thanks for digging up that piece!

    • just 4% of venture capital goes to women-run businesses

      How disheartening. 😢 I googled you to find out how that statistic could be and found this interview you did at Yale a few years ago.

      Sometimes we hear about a confidence gap that many of us have. Do you think that's part of it?

    • I can never stop thinking about the financing that PayPal did for $200 million the month before the big dot com crash. If that doesn't happen, do we even know about Elon Musk? Is there a Tesla, SpaceX, LinkedIn, Yelp, Peter Thiel, Facebook, President Trump? Think of all the people who were in that network and got lucky by association. Mind. Blown.