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    • It’s amazing how many times I’ve emailed the wrong person at work because Outlook suggested Mary Jones and I accepted it when I really wanted Mary Smith. Eventually, I figured out how to turn off auto-complete and my professional life became infinitely better.

      So the other day when I said

      Hey Siri, how do I turn off auto-correction?

      I was miffed to hear her tell me that it couldn’t be done.

      You know how worthless auto-correction has become? If I use the word “may” in a sentence, auto-correct assumes I mean the month and automatically capitalizes it. And it randomly capitalizes other words, assuming that I’ve started a new sentence when I haven’t.

      It turns out that auto-correction AND auto-Capitalization can be turned off quite easily.

    • Simply open up Settings. Go to General, then Keyboards, and slide to Off both Auto-Capitalization and Auto-Correction.