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    • The most important thing is to have good product: wilted tomatoes are best tossed in the trash.  Looking at your list and the photo, it looks like you have some great ingredients.

      I usually try to start my meal plan with one ingredient in mind and then I add other stuff that will work with it.  Usually I start with a protein in mind, but an interesting vegetable works as well. You mentioned the super food salad and a sautée so let’s start with that and play around with it.  

      I’m thinking sautéeing the mix with fresh sliced garlic and a dried herb might work well.  I’m feeling rustic so I’m thinking rosemary or thyme. If we pre-cook some quartered red potatoes in the microwave for five minutes, we can add them to the sauté to avoid another pot or roasting pan to clean.  I like to sauté with extra light olive oil since its flavorless and has a high burn temperature, but canola oil is another good option. Typically, I will cook chopped up vegetables on medium, add a couple tablespoons of water (4 tablespoons equals a ¼ cup) and then cover for twenty five minutes.   Or you can cook on medium high, but you need to keep more of an eye on it and stir more frequently, say every five minutes until the Brussel Sprouts have some browning on them.

      A very cool piece of cooking equipment I own is a fairly large circular grill pan [1],  It adds grill marks and excess liquid stays below the veg, creating a grill/steam effect.

      So we have red potatoes and sautéed vegetables in a simple sauce of garlic, olive oil and rosemary.  Now we just need a protein. I looked up your Hot Smoked Roasted Salmon on their website and it is fully cooked [2].  When the vegetables and potatoes are done, turn it down to medium low, remove the cover and add another two tablespoons of water if it isn’t steaming when you remove the lid—this rarely happens.  Place the salmon on top of the mixture (don’t let it touch the pan), cover again and give it five minutes to warm up.


      Next, let’s use the Thai Peanut Sauce.  I would add it to the cauliflower rice and serve it with the lemongrass tofu: their website has great cooking instructions so I won’t recreate them [3].  We need an Asian veg mix to accompany it. Sautee a can of baby corn, a can of mushrooms, a half a bag of shredded carrots, and a sprinkle of ground ginger: cooking in Peanut oil is a plus.


      Next, the shaved Brussel Sprouts.  I would sauté with fresh sliced garlic.  Make the plantain linguine and toss with the Kale Pesto.  


      Finally, the chickpea salad.  It’s ready to eat and has both your protein and vegetables.  I would add some avocado to it. If you ate it without any carbs, you would have a nice vegan meal.

      [1] My grill pan is a 12-inch Calphalon non-stick.

      [2] Food description of the salmon

      [3] Cooking instructions for Cauliflower rice