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    • Thanks for the suggestion. I noticed the peanut thai sauce I used at lunch has 170 calories in 2 T., but when I put some with the cauliflower rice, I realized it was really powerful! I could not have eaten 2 T. of that stuff in one sitting, so I guess that’s good. 😬

    • I bake a sweet potato instead of a plain potato. Then I’m not tempted to smother it with all that yummy stuff—it’s good all by itself.

    • Here’s one of my cheats and what I had for dinner. I buy these Amy’s bowls for when there is no time but to throw something in the microwave.

      Delicious. Cheap. Healthy. No animals tortured. No planets trashed.

    • At the end of the book you recommended, there is an appendix that lists recommended packaged foods. Ha! For someone like me who is not particularly interested in food prep, that spoke to me. Heh. Amy’s products appear often on that list.

    • Dude! I had the Tofu Scramble last night—Amy’s is also my goto meal when I get home late. I usually eat a huge bowl of salad with the meal to feel full after dinner and avoid evening snacking: 340 calories for their typical dinner leaves me a little hungry if that’s all I eat.

    • That’s my biggest problem, snacking in the evening or waking up hungry in the night, especially if I run late in the day. An Amy’s bowl is not enough for me either but especially when I run.