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    • I've always known my diet sucked bad, even though I managed to eat a vegetable or two a day. I was always run down, retained water, and generally felt crappy. I watched FOK one day on a whim about 4 weeks ago and it's changed my life. What an eye-opener! I now eat whole food plant based almost exclusively - I have a piece of fish once a week. I feel so much better, and never get the 'ugh, I can't believe I ate all that' feeling anymore even though I always eat until I'm full. I sure don't miss feeling my heart pounding after a salt-heavy meal. The most challenging part is knowing what/how to cook. I have several new cook books, my favorite is from Thug Kitchen (mostly because I like to swear :) ), and I've learned a lot, but there's so much more out there. I just started reading The China Study, I think this will help solidify my decision to change.