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    • I can't tell you how happy this makes me, Kat. It's funny about The China Study book, some people LOVE it because of the charts, data & science but for some people their eyes glaze. It's amazing that it was above #200 on Amazon for more than a decade, still sells well, despite having an unknown publisher and an author that didn't go on book signing tours. And it's pretty scientific.

      But that's the thing, there are so many impressive studies across fields of nutrition, health, athletic performance, longevity, weight loss, and branches of medicine—cardiology, cancer, Crohn's disease, immune response, allergies—and they all come to the same conclusion about the very same diet. That just isn't true for keto, Atkins, paleo and all the others.

      It's hard to go wrong with the recipes from Forks Over Knives. I had never heard of Thug Kitchen but they're hilarious and my mouth is now watering reading their recipes.

    • Thug Kitchen has a permanent spot in my kitchen! Best cooking book ever.

      One of my favorite recipes is the broccoli and chickpea burritos. So good!