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    • Oh my God, Lee!!! What a transformation! I interacted with you a lot in that ADV thread and I knew a little about your struggles, but not in this level of detail. Thanks so much for being open.

      The crazy thing is your story is not so unusual in the lives of our family. My son-in-law is a family physician and sees all day every day the struggles Americans have with weight and health, 75% or more of which is resolvable by lifestyle, mainly diet. You now know how powerful it is and how simple it turns out to be (eat whole plants, not refined or animal foods), but most people have been raised to think it's extreme or you can't get enough protein or whatever.

      Some of our best friends in life are people who had heart disease, type II diabetes, Crohn's Disease, IBS—all of them so easily curable through diet. It doesn't even take a ton of research. If you have Type II diabetes, just eat this way for 30 days and see how it goes away and your blood pressure and cholesterol normalize too. It sounds way too good to be true, like so much hype, but as you've seen, it is true.

      My son-in-law reports that only 2% of his patients do it, but the ones who do are transformed and never go back. Congratulations to you for being one of the 2%. Who knew a side effect would be less depression and better mood, self-esteem, and the ability to empathize because now you feel better about your own self.

    • You and I know impossible it is to tell someone who is ill, that wellness is just fruits and vegetables (and legumes) away. I don’t have any bipolar 2 or depressive symptoms anymore, my cholesterol is under 150, and testosterone isn’t an issue, so any doctor will agree absence of symptoms means absence of disease.

      By the way it was you that posted that Gregor link that ultimately tipped the scales. Thank you my friend!


    • The funny thing is my personal physician, Douglas Souvengier at Palo Alto Medical Clinic, originally told me when I couldn't get my cholesterol down that "you can't outrun your genes." He had a weight problem but when I went vegan 13 years ago he worried about my health and feared I would get nutritional deficiencies, even though it transformed me.

      About 6 years ago, he went whole plant foods, it transformed him and he lost tons of weight, and now on Wednesday evenings he teaches it at the clinic.

    • Funny, I was just trying to remember where I'd heard about Forks Over Knives when this conversation popped up again. I've been eating a veg + dairy diet (with very occasional tastes of fish) for many years now. I know, I know, that's not vegan. But it works well for me.

      I tried my first recipe from Forks Over Knives last week, split pea and cauliflower soup. It was wonderful. I intend to continue exploring the recipes there.

      I suspect it was @Chris who sent me to the site at some point... but whoever it was, thanks!

    • With every new and scary climate change report, I wonder why there isn't a bigger move to plant-based eating.

      As a vegan for 12 years who used to love cheeseburgers but doesn't miss them at all, I wonder what causes some people to adopt it so enthusiastically and others to be so upset about the idea.

      I think it's easier than it was 12 years ago because of the vegan options at restaurants and all the good recipe books that are published now. People don't look at us like we're strange anymore in most big cities.

    • So, I've been eating a WFPB diet for 3 months now (I cut out the fish as well). I found a vegan doc a couple of months ago, and he had me wait until I was on plan for three months before I had blood work done. All my numbers were high (scary high) before I started eating this way, but my recent results all came back within the normal ranges. I've lost 30lbs so far (yay), and I walk anywhere from 4 to 7 miles for excersise 6 days a week. It's such a relief to not worry about my BP and cholesterol anymore. More importantly, it's really amazing not to feel like shit all the time too!
      My husband is on board too and has lost 25 lbs and has no more joint pain. I also have 2 amazing coworkers who have joined me in eating WFPB; I'm extremely lucky to have such great support.
      I don't 'cheat' because I don't feel deprived of anything, and I don't ever want to go back to feeling as bad as I did before. It's one of the best decisions of my life.

    • Congratulations, Kat!!! ❤️❤️❤️ In a world of marketing, disinformation and high emotions, the one thing that gives me hope is the facts are so clearly on the side of whole foods, plant-based diets.

      From everyday people like you and I, and their family physicians, the stories are almost always the same but are so shocking they sound made up: blood pressure normalizes in a week, cholesterol in two, and Type II diabetes and your meds are gone in a month. The risk of heart attack drops to near zero. By 3 months in, like you, the results are shocking and more powerful than any drug combo.

      Where it goes wrong in the cases I'm familiar with is when the refined foods remain in the diet — sugar, oils, white flour. Those can be hard for people to cut out, I understand. I think your decision to not cheat is wise because your taste buds adapt in time and, like smoking, it's easy to regress because Oreos and Doritos are seriously delicious.

      After a few years of starting, 13 years ago, I despaired because so many people were so emotional about it. Vegans are superior, they judge. You don't enjoy life. I've heard of people who had health problems when they went vegan. It's extreme.

      But now with the flood of facts coming out and millions of experiences like yours, I have great hope again. Just take your B12. We live in such a sterile world now, we don't get the bacteria from feces contamination that we always did that produce B12.

    • Thanks, Baldy. That was a great article! It's nice to see the general public getting educated on what's actually good for them.
      We also don't use sugar, oil or salt. It was very challenging at first, but I'm enjoying learning new techniques that are healthy and taste great. Not every dish I make is a hit, but most are edible 😁 I made a plant based cheese yesterday that i'm very giddy about!
      I try to be a good ambassador of this way of eating. I answer questions when asked, but I try hard to not give unsolicited advice or comments on what people are eating. I don't want to be 'that person'😁.