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    • Yeah, and it’s funny, because we run - Zach and I founded this also, it’s made up of around 80 organizations in the mental health space. A lot of times people want to create an exact copy of what we’re doing, and we don’t mind. If you wanted to create an exact copy of Online Geniuses, I wouldn’t help you, but not with 18Percent. I love seeing other platforms join, because I know the demand, the demand is higher than we could ever help with. I wish that people had the option of 15 different 18percent type organizations, because it really works! People find a lot of comfort going into it. 

    • We have a volunteer team of moderators which can be there to make sure people follow code of conduct and offer support when other members aren’t available to offer support. You can reach out to a moderator, they have checks by their names inside 18percent, because we could always use more help. And you can always contact us on our website.

    • I think using technology to become more self-aware. Mood tracking is a good example.. Track your moods and figure out your triggers, comforts and stabilizers.