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    • I’m in the market for a bathroom scale that gives me more info than just weight. My google searches keep bringing me back to Tanita scales—probably because they apparently are featured on TV shows that showcase weight loss (“The Biggest Loser, etc.)...?

      Some of Tanita’s scales return data for body fat, segmented body composition, bone density, etc. and hook up to smartphones via Bluetooth so one can track trends. The commercial/professional scales are thousands of dollars, so that’s out of the question. Their consumer scales are still pretty pricey, but, as I said, they supposedly return all sorts of data that might prove quite motivating and informative.

      However, Consumer Reports says consumer-level body fat scales are not at all accurate and just a waste of money.

      Does anyone here have any experience with Tanita’s products?

      Anyone have alternate recommendations?

    • ours is probably 14 years old and we like it for weight. For both my wife and I, we get the same body fat % every time and always have. It doesn’t vary even if I get in seasonally better shape for a marathon or whatever.

      Maybe they’ve improved since then?

    • I have ~almost pulled the trigger on one of these...funny, in my Android world Withings is the dominant manufacturer that comes up in all my queries.

      IMHO I think the body fat analysis is mostly smoke and mirrors.....BUT, when I was active in the "fat boy" weight management program with the VA my personal experience with the instructions they provided was that the key was to logging ALL FOOD (MYFITNESSPAL app worked best for me), logging any exercise and jumping on the scale weekly.

      I have put on 10+ lbs in the last 6 months by NOT DOING ANY OF THAT. MIddle-aged metabolism sucks. hahahah

    • You have described my situation exactly. I was in great shape and then family demands side-tracked my focus. Ugh. I’m trying to get off the sugar train and get back in the swing of exercise and intake tracking (My Fitness Pal’s food bank rocks—just hate it when I actually cook something and I have to add every friggen ingredient individually. I kind of hate that MFP subtly encourages the consumption of prepared foods.)

      I haven’t had to purchase bigger clothes, but my favorites don’t fit the same anymore. 😜

    • This WireCutter review referred me to the Eufy scales and I have been perfectly happy with those. With the exception of yet another app to install on my phone, they've been working great and talk to Google Fit, which is all that matters to me :)