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    • Yeah, the trailer makes it seem incredibly exciting and I can see why you'd love it with the cool scary vibe ๐Ÿ˜ฒ, but she seems overly subdued to me in the show. The producers seem to be doing a lot to inject excitement with other voices and creatures.

      However, she did a short vid a couple years ago to describe what makes her tick, and I thought it was fascinating (she watches a horror movie a day because she loves being scared):

    • Godriguez (a.k.a. mark rodriguez)

      that is my thoughts as well. i would rather see more about her techniques than the interaction with the other characters as they come off a bit stiff and not very funny as is there intended purpose for even being there

    • I think she has a very nice je ne sais quoi. One of my favorite pic's off her

      The combination mind - personna is what's attractive overall, I would never try separating the two, as all charms will be lost. On the contrary!