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    • I'll start with few random pieces of the myriad of songs I love listening to, because for me they never fail to deliver a great, energetic mood!

      ..would love to see & hear some of your favorites.

    • This was actually on when I read your post and definitely fits, as does pretty much any version of "Bloody Tears" from Castlevania.

      (Edit: looks like I can't embed videos from mobile, but it was the Dr. Wily theme from Mega Man 2. If I can get on my computer again soon I'll fix that and post some none gaming ones)

    • This.

      Coltrane is the master, but what makes your heart race here is Roy Haynes on drums. This is one of my top 'going to war' music choices while coding (when you need to go hard and uninterrupted of a couple of hours). I dare you to listen to this and have your heartbeat remain below 120bpm. Impossible.


      It starts off easy, but then "The sky opened up and ti swallowed us whole" and we're off to the races. Again, pay attention to Brann Dailor on the drums. After the guitar solo around 5 minute mark is done you'll be ready to conquer the world.

      This also works for me:

      Questlove on drums in the driving seat, Black Though on the mic, can' t go wrong.

    • Thank you for sharing! And I guess I haven't specified which type of "energizing" but am glad I didn't because now I see there are many more than what I thought!