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    • So, I have been itching to do some studio photography with my new Sony a7RIV. I got some new backdrops and use the Paul C. Buff lighting kit. I use to do more studio shoots in Alaska but then I got dragged into senior portraits and then people want weddings, etc....but, my business is about being a full service creative agency and 90% of the small agencies can do web, can do graphics, can do marketing, etc, but photography is a beast that most people realize at some point it is alot harder than using your IPHONE if people are paying for something. In a perfect world I like to shoot owners of small companies that I work with that truly reflects their persona and their business.

      Practice makes perfect and I tried to hire some girls on Craigslist and that was a disaster. So, my very first Vegas buddy (we both moved to Las Vegas in 2007 and started playing tennis together - ALOT).

      So, I setup my garage for the shoot. You will notice I have two different backdrops that I was very pleased with the results.

    • So, my buddy Nick's wife's name is America - thus the title for this thread. But, what I am excited about from an advertisers standpoint, I would guess nowadays maybe 90% of all ads have some sort of ethnic flavor and many mixed "families" represented so shooting darker skin is actually harder for some cameras to meter the lighting. But, this Sony did a great job and one of the new features is to "register" a face and eyes" and then the camera will track that person very effectively.

    • I love using props and so I encouraged Nick to bring any scarves or hats...which he did...believe it or not, I also asked if he had a hand-gun for the creative urban aspect. I am completely dismayed by all the gun violence we experience weekly so it does seem strange that I would request that for the creative...and, it turns out, those were my most compelling shots. I am going to just put my Flickr links for a couple of those and if they are not appropriate for CAKE, please remove.