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    • So I passed on the iPhone 11, a decision I cursed when in Morocco and Costa Rica, because its camera is better than the iPhone 10 I own. But then I decided to go with my mistake and wait for the 12. It must be amazing, no?

      The molds that Apple sends out to case makers have apparently leaked and it makes the phone look old skool. I do notice there is a 6.7-inch version, which is good for me because far as I'm concerned, bigger is mo bettah. Gotta have me a real screen.

      Anyone else glued to the rumors?

    • The only reason I replaced an Android 4 phone was Android Auto, which required Android 5, and my car does not have built-in navigation. Who in their right mind would pay extra $2K for navigation if they can get it from their smartphone? I bought an LG phone for $80, which I still use. 16GB storage, 4000 mAh battery. If I want shallow DOF or telephoto — which does not happen often — I use a proper camera. I never liked iPhones because they make sharing files almost impossible and do not provide access to file system. Also, early iPhones as well as early MacOS X had ugly skeuomorphic look that I always have hated.

      Buying a new phone every year is environmentally unfriendly, but this is what Apple wants everyone to do. Consumer culture is the reason the planet is dying. I haven't used Apple products until I got a 3rd generation Macbook. It is truly the best laptop ever made. The 4th gen is worse (even without taking the faulty keyboard into account). Replacing a battery is not user-friendly but possible, so I will rather pay $200 to have it replaced when it dies than buy a new laptop. I do not use any other Apple products and plan to continue using my Macbook until the screen falls off.

    • The one thing that has me tempted by Apple is the fact that even though they want you to buy a phone every year they will support them for way longer than anyone else. My 5s was up to date in terms of the OS until 2019 so that's 6 years of OS updates.