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    • The only reason I replaced an Android 4 phone was Android Auto, which required Android 5, and my car does not have built-in navigation. Who in their right mind would pay extra $2K for navigation if they can get it from their smartphone? I bought an LG phone for $80, which I still use. 16GB storage, 4000 mAh battery. If I want shallow DOF or telephoto — which does not happen often — I use a proper camera. I never liked iPhones because they make sharing files almost impossible and do not provide access to file system. Also, early iPhones as well as early MacOS X had ugly skeuomorphic look that I always have hated.

      Buying a new phone every year is environmentally unfriendly, but this is what Apple wants everyone to do. Consumer culture is the reason the planet is dying. I haven't used Apple products until I got a 3rd generation Macbook. It is truly the best laptop ever made. The 4th gen is worse (even without taking the faulty keyboard into account). Replacing a battery is not user-friendly but possible, so I will rather pay $200 to have it replaced when it dies than buy a new laptop. I do not use any other Apple products and plan to continue using my Macbook until the screen falls off.