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    • I would like the option to have links in posts open in a new window or tab. I'm constantly finding myself clicking on a link to look at something interesting someone has posted and then trying to go back to the original post. Sometimes it is 15 pages back in my history.

      When I remember to I will ctrl-click on the link to open in a new tab, but I often forget. Partly because almost all other forum software, social media software, etc, automatically opens a link in a new tab. Cake is the exception and hence I forget.

    • Thanks for the suggestion!

      We intentionally avoided following the trend on this because our feeling was that most sites open links in a new tab not for user convenience but because it's one more way to keep users on the site longer. We felt it was best to let users choose how they want to open links.

      But you have a good point that it's easy to forget to open a link in a new tab even when you want to. We'll give this some thought.

    • I've always disliked sites that open links in a new window or tab. I have no problem with this being a user-specified option or settings, but I do have a problem with a site arbitrarily deciding to open lines in a new tab / window.

      My usual behavior when a site opens a tab/window that I didn't request is to close the site.

    • I realize for Cake it is not about keeping people on the site longer, but it is more of an organizational/navigational type of thing. Perhaps this should be another topic but I struggle with navigating Cake as it is, so leaving and having to come back is even more painful.