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    • On Saturday, “The Game” between Harvard and Yale was delayed by climate change protesters at halftime. 20-30 protesters were estimated to be arrested as a result of their actions. The protesters were students from both universities.  Play did eventually resume, resulting in a 50-43 Yale victory that went into overtime. What added to the insanity is that Yale’s football stadium doesn’t have lights, so they were trying to finish the game before it got too dark to finish! 

      Curious to get everyone’s thoughts on whether or not this is the right format for a protest of this nature. On the one hand, it gets people talking and I think it’s really cool to see college students united in action like this. On the other hand, as a sports writer, I know how much these rivalry games mean to athletes. You would certainly feel bad for them if they weren’t able to finish their game and even though they did finish their game, it’s unfortunate that they had to have that monkey wrench thrown into the game. Just from a mental standpoint. At least it gives them a fun story to tell.

      (Photo credit: Nic Antaya/The Boston Globe via AP)

    • I hate seeing sports used as a platform for protests. Just my opinion but believe that peaceful protests should be directed at politicians,not sporting events.

    • That's a good way to articulate it and I think sums up my issue with it. It seems to show a certain insensitivity for the athletes, who are also a part of their student body and community.