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    • Years ago, travel meant big dreams, wide open spaces, new sights and feelings. Now the more I seem to understand human nature the less inclined to travel I am, in the same way. Still soul searching this.. thanks for reviving the topic in my mind.

    • - people all over the world appreciate it when you compliment their children.

      - offerings of coffee, ice cream, or chocolates is a universal language around the planet.

      - people in Mongolia, France, Ghana and Brazil want the same basic things: safety, a roof over their heads, good health, and for their children to be safe and healthy and get a good start in life.

      What lovely thoughts. I love reading about your experiences and love of people.

      My experience has been similar in most places in the world, but we've had to be careful in places like the Middle East and Africa where at times we felt very threatened. Stay safe.

    • I hate to say it because it sounds so selfish, but right now I crave world travel mostly because it's so far out of reach for me right now. So often I want to escape and go back to when all I had to worry about was myself. I wish I could have taken more advantage of traveling when I was younger and single, because now that I'm 35, married and a mom to a kid with health issues, I can't do anything on my own without feeling guilty for indulging.

    • I don't think that's selfish at all! Indulging in travel isn't the same as stuffing your face with cookies or binging on Netflix. And it may lead to all sorts of unexpected places, both external and internal.

    • The more I travel the more I'm finding out that it's really not the places you see but the people you meet. Now that I'm retired and have the opportunity to do extensive World Travel I'm discovering something . When I come home to share my experiences I'm not talking about that beautiful High Vista or that warm Beach. I'm talking about that quirky guy I met from London or that kind Old Gentleman that gave me a tie-down strap in Spain. So as a result I'm trying not to see all the must-see attractions, I'm trying to stay more with locals, sit down, and hear their stories.
      I'm a work in progress. Trying to become less of a tourist and more of a traveler.

    • I love the topic. For me, travel is about connecting. About learning. About yearning. Simple conversation, showing respect for them and not yourself, goes a long way!