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    • This is an interesting product from an Estonian company called Respiray.

      Instead of breathing through a bit of material, this filters the air that you are breathing and treats it with UV, which they claim kills 99% of viruses and bacteria, before it gets to your face.

      It can be worn with a transparent face shield, but that is also removable so in theory you can wear it without anything in front of your face and still be protected from airborne viruses.

    • I think it's incredibly irresponsible for them to market based on being able to not wear a mask in this pandemic. A mask is primarily to protect others, not yourself. Assuming it works (which is questionable), this device still doesn't do anything to protect others.

    • Some manufacturers make all kinds of unjustified health claims, none of which are backed up by published research. Look at the supplemement industry and many of the claims made there.

      We, as a society, know masks are helpful, and N95 type masks are very helpful. N95 masks and surgical masks have been researched, verified, and monitored as they are made.

      But I do agree, that for most of us who are not actively involved in the care of Covid 19 patients, the main reason to wear a mask is to help protect our fellow citizens from our own fomites. Our masks probably do reduce our risks of contracting Covid mildly, but pale to the effectiveness of real 2 meter social distancing and avoiding interior public spaces.

      The Respiray devices shown above make no pretense of controlling the wearers fomites at all. They may even be broadcasting them to others more effectively, with the air flow from the filter passing over the wearer's faces.

      I guess if folks want to wear a Respiray in their own home, go for it! But not in public spaces.

      I hesitate to mention that surgeons wears surgical masks during surgery to protect their surgical patient, and the surgical field, from the fomites of the surgeons and their assistants. Not to protect the surgeons from the fluids in the surgical field, except under very unusual circumstances - In cases the surgeons are at risk to be infected by their patients , they don't wear masks, but usually full helmeted hazard suits.. .

    • Interesting. I do agree with the above comments that the primary function of mask wearing is to protect other people. Not just yourself. So in that vein, I agree it wouldn’t be good to recommend this to people in lieu of a mask.

      On the other hand, we should all embrace any sort of technological development in the realm of public health and safety. So we also shouldn’t scoff at this, either.

    • The thing is, notice that their effectiveness numbers are based on being at rest. So unless you're "at rest" who knows how effective this is. Or if it's effective when there is any wind? What if someone sneezes next to you, or behind you? What is the effect of air conditioners blowing air?

      And yet they make the bold, and irresponsible, claim that you no longer need a mask if you have this device.