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    • About two weeks ago, I began my adventure into full-time freelance photography. It feels like years in the making that lead me to this moment and I know it's time. I have been shooting events since I was 14 years old. I always remember having a camera in my hand even before that time. Birthday parties, corporate events, and above all, my favorite, music are just some of the many things I have had the amazing opportunity to bare witness and capture. Being paid to do what I LOVE and have the freedom of being my own boss is one of my ultimate dreams and I can't believe I've made it this far.

      In my first week of this new life, it's as if a world of opportunity has opened almost like it's been on the other side of this door, just waiting for me to open it. There's something to be said for announcing to the universe your intentions and the universe providing. I can't say that I am a religious person in any way, but I do know that every decision I have made in life has lead me to this, (good and bad).

      Pictures below are some of my favorite shots I have gotten in the last week, opportunities I never thought would ever cross my path.

    • This artist's name is Ghostface Killah. Sounds hardcore I know. He was part of the NY hip-hop group, Wu-Tang Clan. A buddy of mine, UnLearn the World opened for him this past Friday night and asked me to come as his photographer. It's always a 50/50 shot, even if you have a press pass, if you'll get permission from management to photograph these big named stars. Luckily, my buddy went directly to their manager that night, told them they would be missing out on an incredible opportunity to have an amazing photographer get shots for them and BAM, like that I had the proper credentials to get shots of this famous group. I can't begin to tell you my gratitude to have a friend that believes in my work SO much to put their reputation on the line to make something like that possible for me.

    • Pictured here is UnLearn the World himself who is a local bay area "conscious rap" artist, part of many incredible initiatives bringing awareness to what hip-hop was originally created for: to give POC a voice. Not only is he an incredible artist, but he works with Hip Hop for Change and Today's Future Sound, both of which go to schools and teach kids how to create beats and music during their lunch hour. There aren't many programs like this left and they strongly believe initiatives like this will give kids a positive outlet to express themselves. I am proud to know and be part of something so impactful in my local community.

    • Pictured here is the incredible Gina Madrid who is an engaging, insightful, social conscious artist that challenges our musical and gender preconceptions of Hip-Hop culture. Along with being an incredible artist with a stage presence that strikes you through your soul, Gina is currently working on a project called W.A.R (We're All Relevant) which goes around and interviews people all over the bay area, a lot of which are homeless.

    • Thank you for your words of encouragement. I'm not going to lie. I am more scared about this adventure than any other I have embarked on. There's an element of freedom that I have dreamed of, but with that, instability that gives me nightmares. The fire under my butt is enough to make anyone hustle hard enough to be successful. I just hope I can pay rent. xD. Much love!

    • Very nice technique; exposure and composition spot on. Working the theatrical/stage lighting to your advantage. Timing is everything on this sort of shoot, and you've got that nailed.

      There will be highs, and there will be lows. It's the persistent few who fly in the face of adversity, who conquer the difficult task. When you no longer recognize adversity is when you triumph and prevail.

      Best of luck, but luck favors the prepared (Louis Pasteur-ish).

    • Thank you for the encouragement! I think I thrive on fear at times. I love being outside my comfort zone. In a lot of ways, I know photography, I know my skills, and I know I've got this, while at the same time, the furthest from my comfort zone I have ever been. (it's a fantastic feeling.)

    • Thank you, Chris!!!

      Can I admit that photographing a family of photographers was slightly intimidating? (when I say slightly I mean SO DAMN INTIMIDATING) It's a funny thing when you are working with people that know exactly the craft you do!