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    • Lithuania may be a small country, but it’s an incredibly diverse part of the Baltics! Stunning off-road routes and scenic paved roads, medieval castles and modern resorts, amazing wildlife and nature retreats, bustling cities and quiet lake and forest regions – Lithuania has a lot to offer, whether you’re riding on or off the roads.

      Here's a cool little video about Lithuania - a must watch if you're headed for the Baltics!

      A short checklist before you go:

    • - we use the euro, so you don't need to worry about currency exchanges. ATM's are plentiful in all cities and towns, accepting all major cards. We speak Lithuanian, an ancient language originating from Sanskrit (weird, we know!). It's said to be one of the most difficult languages in the world, but try saying "labas" anyway - it means "hello" in Lithuanian! "Thank you" is really easy though: it's "ačiū", pronounced like "achoo" - yep, exactly like a sneeze :D

      - the best months to travel Lithuania are mid April through to mid September. Summer temperatures are usually around +20-25 Celsius.

    • - If you're mostly into paved roads and cities, make sure you visit Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda, three major cities in Lithuania. Vilnius is a beautiful city with a picturesque medieval Old Town and great riding in the surrounding areas such as Trakai; Kaunas has an amazing historical centre and fantastic riding towards Raudondvaris. Klaipeda is a harbor city dotted with colorful marinas, and if you happen to be there in the summer, make sure to hop on a ferry to Kursiu Nerija (the Curonian Spit) and travel to Nida - it's a spectacular ride along sand dunes, wild beaches and pine forests!

    • - for best off road tracks in Lithuania, check out the Trans Euro Trail Lithuania section: The GPX file is free for download.

      - riding off road and wild camping is perfectly legal in Lithuania as long as it's on public land.

      - our cuisine is hearty and includes a lot of meat and fish dishes, always accompanied by potatoes in various forms - potato pancakes, mashed potatoes, fries, boiled get the picture! In Vilnius and Kaunas, have "cepelinai" and "saltibarsciai" for a filling dinner whereas in Klaipeda, smoked fish is a must-try. We're very proud of our beers, too: check out various craft beers on tap! Want something stronger? Try Lithuanian "midus", a strong honey liquor guaranteed to perk you up after a long day's ride.

      - Lithuania is a very green country - it's basically one big forest with a few cities scattered around! Visit Moletai, Plateliai, Medvegalis and Kernave for some peace and quiet in the nature.

    • • Suggestions for an initial basecamp/starter location, or a trustworthy fixer? Any suggested city/town for "arriving" from the international airport, for the initial sleep/eat/get oriented/gather bike or supplies, and for a low-pressure "settle in" to a new country with new language, law, traffic customs, etc. 

      I would recommend either Vilnius or Kaunas. Lithuania is a very small country (you're never more than 400 km away from the capital!), so our "big cities" aren't all that big:) Sort of like Amsterdam or Brussels, I guess.

      Vilnius airport is probably easier because it's only about a 20min drive from the city center. A taxi ride from the airport to the center will cost you around five euros; ideally, I would suggest staying at one of the central hotels/hostels as in that case, you'd have everything within walking distance. Vilnius Old Town, much like Kaunas and Klaipeda Old Town, all have a very cosy, boutique feel to it (sort of like mini Prague), so it really doesn't take too long to get a feel for the place.

      Make sure you check out the local beer, and this is the best place to do it:

      As for law and traffic, it's all very vanilla in Lithuania. It's not much different from Holland or Germany when it comes to driving; safety-wise, Lithuania is one of the safest European countries for tourists.
      • Are there any clubs or local groups that would be friendly to a visitor exploring the country on a motorbike? You don't find that info on the internet lol, but where it exists, it can make all the difference! Some places have truly tough biker clubs that aspire to be Hell's Angels, while other's just really admire the iconic culture and cosplay. It helps to know in advance lol. 
      Yes! I am actually in process of creating a FB group for foreign motorcycle travelers to get and ask for information and to hook up with local riders for best routes, mechanics, and must-see places!

    • One of the oldest and most beautiful roads in Lithuania is "Panemunes kelias", a scenic 90km ride from Kaunas to Jurbarkas. This road runs along river Nemunas, taking you across a vast green country dotted with medieval castles, ancient burial mounds and nineteenth century manors now turned into museums.

      - this road is, according to some historical sources, over seven centuries old. The castles along the route served as a chain of defense, with each castle lighting up their beacons to warn about approaching enemy. The beacon system was one of the most effective ways to mobilize the defense against the invading armies of crusaders.

      Want a visual? This scene from the Lord of the Rings explains it all - and yes, Lithuania is a lot like the Middle Earth! :D

    • - prepare to stop a lot along this route, especially at Raudondvaris, Raudone castle and Veliuona Manor. All of these are open to public, so park up your bike and have a wander around!

    • - In Jurbarkas, have a look at the Jurbarkas Manor, a nineteenth century mansion now functioning as a tourist information centre. For lunch, check out "Šašlykinė" and order pork on a skewer - best grilled meat in town!

    • One question I often have when I'm trying to decide where to travel is, what's the culture around, and ease of, wild camping? I try to travel extremely cheap, and I also find that I usually have the most interesting experiences when I try to stay in a tent and out of hotels/hostels as much as possible.

      With that in mind, how possible is it to stealth camp in Lithuania? My only experience with wild camping in Europe was in Austria, and it was often possible, but pretty difficult. A stressful night in a park in Innsbruck comes to mind...

    • Jesse, wild camping is permitted everywhere in Lithuania as long as you're not on private land. Most of the time, it's best to camp at lakes/rivers because access to water is always public;)

      There are some really cool "half-wild" campsites near lakes, rivers and streams, usually it's just a fixed wooden table and benches+fireplace. These are always free of charge and free to use whenever (no need to get permits or anything like that).

      They usually look like this:

    • ... as for the culture, Lithuanians LOVE wild camping! In the summertime, going to a lakeside and doing some fishing and barbecue or kayaking is like a national pastime. As a foreigner, you may be invited to sleep at a local farmer's hay barn though :D Also, whenever you see a well in someone's front yard, feel free to stop and ask for water and you'll always get it. Sharing fresh water straight from a well with travelers is kind of a traditional thing to do. It usually starts interesting conversations, too:)

    • Haunted manors and beer!

      Some might argue that the best-tasting beer in Lithuania is made in the Butautai brewery 🏰 You can overnight there in the ⛺️ or ask to stay inside the castle, but beware: legend says there is a ghost of the landlord haunting the manor, and only the brave ones can sleep inside 🏰

      GPS: 56.2881° N, 24.6047° E

    • Did you know there's wild bison in Lithuania? They were completely extinct at one point, reintroduced again in the 60's. Currently, there are about 15 bison living in a wildlife reserve and another fifty or so roaming free.

      Bison has traditionally been a symbol of strength and courage in the Lithuanian mythology.

      You can visit the enclosure and see the wild bison from up close at Pasiliu stumbrynas.

      GPS: 55.563572,24.220308