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    • When I'm looking for peace, I always turn to birds. This is an old, old shot made in the film camera days that I've worked into a piece of digital art. It's an amazing American kestrel (Falco sparverius) sitting on a fence post near Saguaro National Park (at the time I made this shot it was only a National Monument - it only reached National Park status in 1994.) The fall colors made for a lovely background and the bird just sat there for me for about 20 minutes. I made the image shooting through my car window on the passenger side. It was a surreal moment and something I will never forget. It was the first kestrel I ever got close enough to - to make a picture and as luck would have it, I've never seen a kestrel this clearly since.

    • A very nice capture on film - do you remember what your focal length was? Capturing birds in the film era before auto focus was challenging, or impossible in flight.

      I find getting close to kestrels is not easy - they alway seem to have a flight radius of >50 yards for me - I did get lucky the last time I was at Bosque though - this little fellow would hover and hover and hover just over one of the viewing platforms on the east side of the northern drive around letting me capture lots of frames - a few I thought were worth keeping