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    • Woah, that card is awesome!

      After watching the first couple minutes of that video, I am extremely bewildered. The first song starting around 3:20 in the video is etched into my brain. But I don't think I have ever played that game. Maybe it made it into some retro game remix somewhere.

    • That song's not part of the game (at least, not that I remember!). It's the theme to the original Battlestar Galactica, which probably explains why it's etched into your brain. 😄

    • I remember playing some of those early flight simulators and finding them incredibly difficult. Not sure if it’s because the gameplay and visuals were so primitive or if I was just bad at them.

      I replayed the first mission and captured some video from Ace Combat 7 (embedded below). Still can’t get over how fun it is watching these mission replays.

    • Here's some more fun in game footage I captured. This is a replay of a mission I did. The missions are definitely getting harder! Took me a while to get through this one unscathed.

    • You may have noticed that the missiles replenish out of thin air (you get 75ish per mission), and that I’m probably pulling G’s that would tear me and my plane apart, but if you can let that slide, it’s pretty fun.