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    • You would think being a regular insomniac would make me incredibly creative.  It’s a couple hours after everyone in the house went to bed, it’s quiet so no distractions; and my mind is still swirling with ideas, preventing me from falling asleep.  But invariably, the thought of a day at work without a full night’s rest overtakes my focus. It’s certainly doable on less than seven or eight hours rest, but it can require massive amounts of caffeine throughout the day to function as a human, which leads to a spiral of more days staying up late. It hasn’t happened—insomnia that is—in over a month.  Which is a very good thing. Interestingly, writing this stream of consciousness reflection is maintaining my focus, which is making me feel sleepy. I always read before bed, but my current reading selections are incredibly interesting, which means a half hour later I can be still reading in bed. It doesn’t matter if I stop screen time an hour before bed: I am notoriously bad at reading in the evening and so reading before lights out is often my only opportunity to read physical books and magazines.  Wow, I’m really starting to feel sleepy now—hopefully this didn’t bore you to slumber. End of reflection.

    • You have my sympathy. Over many years I have developed an unhealthy sleep routine myself.

      I find that, for some reason, I am very alert and productive in the hours after everyone has gone to bed. No doubt the silence and absence of email/phone distractions is a factor. However, my reasons for staying up late were not because I couldn't sleep. Actually I have always been blessed with the ability to fall asleep quite easily.

      No, the reasons for regularly staying up until 2 or 3 am (or later) were, and are, professional. Since I work for myself, with a client base that draws from all time zones, I got into the habit of trying to make sure that I got as many project deliverables over to my customers every night, so that they would have them "on their desk" and be able to respond whilst I was asleep. The alternative, for some client locations, was to "lose" two business days.

      Since "Time = Risk", especially where you are running your own business, in the development stage I got into the habit of regularly working into the early hours in order to minimise the delay factor.

      I am slightly better know, and don't pull an all-nighter so often. But even so, there are still some days where I will only catch between 3 and 4 hours sleep in order to get stuff out.

      Coffee works wonderfully to keep me going Monday through Friday. Being something of a connoisseur of the old bean juice, this is not a hardship. And I am fortunate that I do like what I do, so that also helps keep me focused. Furthermore, I always take a break between 4 pm and 10pm, so I can be with my family, eat with them and catch up on TV.

      There is one more thing that keeps me sane - sleeping in at weekends. I sometimes think the idea of "brunch" was developed just with me in mind....

    • I have struggled with sleep -- either getting to sleep or worse staying asleep. And yes coffee has become a BIG part of my life!

      I do read but have gone away from the "interesting" while trying to get to sleep but the Bed time reading -- even a Louise Penny with beautiful descriptions of Canada can be enough to let my mind rest. The other change I made was lowering the temperature in the house -- this has "helped" somewhat as I dont wake up as often due to heat.

      But yes I too look forward to my Sunday sleep in and in the mean time... another cup of coffee is calling my name!