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    • psgustafson

      My long-time pal Chris invited me to try this... and so I am.

      If you search for this hash tag on Facebook and/or Twitter: #TheFutureIsCloserThanYouThink

      You'll find a pile of stuff about emerging technologies that I've run across and shared on those two venues over many months (maybe years?).

      In any case, I've been looking for a more meaningful venue for conversations about the future, in a variety of contexts.

      So I'll try this. Here goes.

    • Vilen

      I can really relate to the impact of the documentary “Cove”. It was emotional, touching and deep. I was shaken by it. Incredible exposé of how cruel and selfish humans can be under the pretense of “tradition”.

      Sometimes seemingly small endeavors such as this documentary, uproot the longheld “traditions” that no longer have place in our modern world.

    • cvdavis

      I tried to cut and paste your hash tag but it didn't work. I noticed an h in there that you might want to edit so future people don't have the same issue I did :)

    • psgustafson

      The filmmaker,  Louie Psihoyos, has a fascinating background. His photography has had huge impact on our society as well as his latest project: projecting images of endangered species on iconic buildings (like the UN Building in NYC, and the Empire State Building, etc.). Incredibly creative and very effective in helping people understand such issues.

    • Chris
      Chris MacAskill

      I'm a HUGE fan of Louie's and have been dying to see his latest documentary, Game Changers. He and James Cameron teamed up. It got rave reviews at Sundance this year.

    You've been invited!