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    • Inspired by this conversation from @amacbean16 , Reese, Penny and Zoe decided they wanted a fairy garden.

      We asked Google about it, who sent us to Amazon and Etsy. Who knew you could order adorable painted rocks from Etsy (the hedgehog in the lower left of this photo) and ceramic fairy and gnome homes cheap from Amazon?

    • So we sat together on the couch for an hour looking at the possibilities from Amazon. "OH!!! That boot house is the best!!"

      "It's solar powered!! It lights up at night!!"

      Um... So we had trouble deciding on one fairy village and had to keep running outside to figure out where several of them could go. These fairy homes are cheap, right?

      This is what the boot home looks like:

      Out of focus behind is a flower fairy home. This is what they look like at night:

    • The fun of it all is determining what gnomes and fairies match up with which home and what they are doing. We haven't named them all yet.

      You can see one gnome is pulling a wheelbarrow out of his believe home. Who knows why he's doing that. There is a gnome lying comfortably on his back on a bear.

    • Amazon's shipping may be fast, but not in the timeframe of getting excited. So we went down to Michael's, an actual giant craft store. I wondered if anyone still shops at one of those, but it was packed. So we came home with semi-DIY homes and paints to construct yet more fairy and gnome homes next to the sidewalk.

      Our home is on the way to the local high school. I woke up this morning to the sound from some group passing by, "Oh look!! Awwww, so cute!"

    • Here's a problem, though. All those rocks you see in the photo above, the girls point out, are boring. They look so much better with a few fairy rocks.

      Where does this end?!

    • Despite some politically unpopular overtones, I frequent the local Hobby Lobby. I get all my prints dry-mounted there. I.e. my recent 60" x 40" print only cost $30 to mount up. But, the creativity of just walking through there is amazing. So many hawt Moms. hahahah