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    • Sand dunes wore a coating of snow while the beach sand was clear. The tide does a good job of clearing the beach!

    • Just before I turned from the beach to the boardwalk to head inland, I grabbed a shot looking to the town.

    • On the inland side of the island, the wetlands were still covered in snow and ice.

    • You're probably right @Chris - that's something that I have been fighting for a while now. I haven't yet convinced myself of the need (as opposed to a desire) for a lens that I won't use as often as it should be used. At some point I will probably give in, just not yet!

      With the wind blowing sand around yesterday, even if I had a long lens with me I wouldn't have changed lenses in those conditions.

    • @Chris yup, you're right, I need a longer lens - even though I probably wouldn't have used it yesterday because of the need to change in the blowing sand!

      Here's a sanderling shot from years back when I was still shooting Canon and had a longer lens. Amazing that I caught the birds at rest - they are more often in constant motion.