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    • On the inland side of the island, the wetlands were still covered in snow and ice.

    • You're probably right @Chris - that's something that I have been fighting for a while now. I haven't yet convinced myself of the need (as opposed to a desire) for a lens that I won't use as often as it should be used. At some point I will probably give in, just not yet!

      With the wind blowing sand around yesterday, even if I had a long lens with me I wouldn't have changed lenses in those conditions.

    • @Chris yup, you're right, I need a longer lens - even though I probably wouldn't have used it yesterday because of the need to change in the blowing sand!

      Here's a sanderling shot from years back when I was still shooting Canon and had a longer lens. Amazing that I caught the birds at rest - they are more often in constant motion.

    • Only 11 more days of beach access (at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge) remain for humans before the annual closure for the piping plover nesting season on April 1st. Yesterday felt like a good beach walk day so I headed to the refuge in the afternoon. I arrived 2 hours after high tide.

      The skies were bright blue. Looking out over the ocean there were no clouds; looking inland puffs of white decorated the blue.

      I feel the need for a beach day with clouds but I'll take the clear days too!

    • When I walked to the south I could see only sand and water; heading north I could see some other beach walkers in the distance.