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    • Only 11 more days of beach access (at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge) remain for humans before the annual closure for the piping plover nesting season on April 1st. Yesterday felt like a good beach walk day so I headed to the refuge in the afternoon. I arrived 2 hours after high tide.

      The skies were bright blue. Looking out over the ocean there were no clouds; looking inland puffs of white decorated the blue.

      I feel the need for a beach day with clouds but I'll take the clear days too!

    • When I walked to the south I could see only sand and water; heading north I could see some other beach walkers in the distance.

    • I seem to have created a tidal pattern of my own. When I arrived at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge yesterday - just a few days before the annual many month long beach closure - it was about 2 hours after low tide. With the tide rolling in I tried to keep an eye on the ocean with a plan of keeping my feet dry. The air was chilly at 49 degrees F and the wind was howling. I stayed dry but I did see someone walking in the water, brrr!

      I volunteer in the refuge on Sunday afternoons. I'm hoping for one more beach walk before I head to the visitor center. The weather wizard says it is going to rain on Sunday - here's hoping it's light rain and not a downpour.

      I love the patterns in the sand!