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    • Nice machine! I didn't start with coffee until well into my 40's. I somehow survived a military career not smoking, drinking alcohol nor coffee. That changed when I moved to Savannah in the mid-2000's. I discovered craft beer...imagine that! Beer, with taste! It was then I discovered coffee made with good beans and in a way that enhanced the flavor. Growing up, my parents had the ubiquitous drip maker with mass market ground coffee which they further watered down (to drink more!). These days I liken the percolator and drip machines using mass market ground coffee akin to pulling used grounds from the trash and using a dirty sock as a filter (I'm kidding!). I'm not a coffee snob, really, I'm not. I just appreciate the subtlety of a good product prepared properly. Once, I bought my now departed old man some Starbucks brew; he declared it was the worst coffee he'd ever had! As it turns out, he much preferred the neutral tasting and weakly concentrated coffee I remembered from my youth. I reckon it's true, there's no accounting for (individual) tastes. My go-to setup is the Moka that is standard here in Italy in every household. The Aeropress and French Press get the duty when I have some really good beans. Luckily, just about every place of business here has a good machine and a supply of decent beans. Nirvana!

    • Thanks!

      Are you now in Italy or Savannah?

      Italy didn't have any national beers (and why would it?) you really wanted to drink in the late 70s. We drank Heineken.

      Pretty amazing you didn't acquire at least one of those vices in the military! Don't think I ran into anyone one who didn't drink coffee in the Corps.

      Fortunately, I have always passed on all things tobacco, so I never went down that path.

      I'm not a coffee snob either, but, if I get as really bad cup, I will toss it in a heartbeat. And I don't care for bitter coffee; just strong, smooth, robust coffee.

      If not a good shot of espresso, I'm equally content with pour over; with the right bean!

      Stay healthy!