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    • Chris, my husband also has a strange mix of ambidextrous traits! He bats, throws, golfs and plays ice hockey left-handed, writes and eats righty, but uses both left and right hands for his mouse. The majority of his strength is on his left side but he can still play sports really well right-handed! When I was maybe 10 or so, my grandmother broke her right arm and decided the children needed to learn to write left handed in case they ever needed to. That was a great ploy to keep us quiet for day or two!

    • I write with my left hand but when I was a kid into sports I would bat, play tennis and golf right handed. I remember a debate by my parents if they should teach me to play golf left handed. Maybe they should have because I was never able to lift the curse of the slice!!

    • I write left handed. I throw a frisbee left handed. Kick left footed. Shoot left handed.

      Throw right handed, Shoot pool right handed. Play guitar right handed. When I roofed I used a shake gun left handed and a shingle gun right handed. Most everything is done with a combo of left and right.

      So best I can figure fine motor in the left hand gross motor in the right.

      I know why some lefties write like Obama in the above picture and others like me do not. Anyone want to know?

    • I'm left-handed too! But strangely enough I do some things better right handed, like using chopsticks. I'm right-footed though, not sure if there's a correlation between the two.

    • 40% of my kids are lefties. Sounds like that’s high compared to the general population.

      One daughter had a clear preference, the other “leftie” never really seemed to prefer a side, but since I heavily encouraged right-handedness and she never settled into it, I eventually picked left for her. She’s done fine with it and has pretty nice handwriting, but she recently decided to pursue ambidexterity and she’s asked for basic handwriting workbooks for her 9th birthday so she can do them right-handed. 🤷🏼‍♀️ 😆

      My littler leftie colors all day long and her hand and arm are perpetually smeary. Pen choice will be important in the future, I think! Any suggestions?

    • I'm left-handed, too, and just like you I'm using scissors with my right hand - regular orientation, though. Upside down? How does that even work, I'd love to see a photo of that. :D

      My pet peeve is being seated on a table between right-handed people. Trying to eat with fork in the right and knife in the left hand while everyone else has it the other way around can be problematic.

    • Scissors are designed for thumbs to go in the long slot with the curved end sliding along under the cutting surface, but I always have to put my second and third fingers in that big slot and my thumb in the little one, which puts the pointy end on the bottom. That’s the only way I can get my hands to make the scissors *cut.*

      Kind of reminds me how some riders (like me) cover the brake lever with the first and second fingers of the throttle hand, and turn the throttle with an odd hand pinch along with the third and fourth fingers...