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    • As a privileged white American whose bank account got a boost from the big tax cut, I have obvious incentive to live this administration. And yet I found myself agreeing with almost everything in the article even though I didn’t want to. Perhaps it’s my background of growing up poor?

      This was particularly disturbing:

      When tests for the virus were almost impossible to find, the wealthy and connected—the model and reality-TV host Heidi Klum, the entire roster of the Brooklyn Nets, the president’s conservative allies—were somehow able to get tested, despite many showing no symptoms. The smattering of individual results did nothing to protect public health. Meanwhile, ordinary people with fevers and chills had to wait in long and possibly infectious lines, only to be turned away because they weren’t actually suffocating. 

      Can anyone explain what is an eternal mystery to me: why does he maintain unshakable support from his base who adores him?

    • I hear you and respect your answer, but it is so unsatisfying. At least with religion, you hope for goodness. Love your neighbor, forgive, and tend to the sick and needy. I have never understood what make America great again means. It appears to mean angry contempt toward whatever deep state means.

    • what is the path forward for the US?

      A) can it stay the course, fighting but still together?

      B) will a leader emerge to unite right and left? The differences seem unreconcilable, and neither side trusts the other enough to even have a conversation.

      C) a political partition, resulting in 2 or 3 smaller countries?

      D) Americans are armed to the teeth... are the circumstances right for another civil war?

    • I agree, my answer is unsatisfying, but I don't have a better answer. I should have left out the 'religious' part and simply said that 'fanaticism' of whatever flavor is beyond logic. "Make America Great Again" certainly seems to mean different things to different people.

      I grew up believing that America was a Great Nation but over the last few years I've begun to wonder how great? Inequity has always been present; native americans suffered from the beginning and slavery was accomodated in the Constitution. The Civil War kept the states from dividing but there never has been a 'perfect union.' The present crisis just reveals the underlying flaws in our society.

    • Can anyone explain what is an eternal mystery to me: why does he maintain unshakable support from his base who adores him?

      There is an excellent documentary of James Carville consulting on a campaign in a Latin American country where the lower half of the population is in poverty. The country has regular turnover over their elected President, each one promising to do better than the next. But never following through on their promises.

      This is the direction we are heading in: neither the Republicans nor Democrats have followed through on significantly improving the lives of Americans.

      So why does Trump’s base support him so faithfully? Here’s my reasons.


      Bill Clinton gave away millions of good paying manufacturing jobs when he signed NAFTA in 1993. Most of the factory jobs that remain don’t pay as much. (Senator Biden voted in favor of it.)

      Trump said it was a horrible law that cost American jobs. Trump promised to replace NAFTA with a new agreement and he made good on that promise.

      Illegals are taking away jobs

      They used to be called “Illegal Aliens” for illegally entering our country. The mainstream media has engaged in Orwellian double talk, hiding this important distinction of legal versus illegal immigration, by now calling them “undocumented immigrants.” Our country is overrun with over 11 million living illegally in our country, lowering the wages for blue collar jobs.

      Trump promised to protect American jobs and build a wall. The construction of the wall has already begun, another promise made and kept.

      The economy was doing amazingly well until the Chinese lied about the seriousness of the coronavirus. Which means that companies were doing well for the past four years under Trump and workers therefore had jobs.


      The President has made it clear that it isn’t his supporters fault if there lives are shit. It’s their enemies in the media, the Democrats, immigrants, the Deep State. Don’t underestimate the value of having someone else to blame when your life options suck.

      Dead End Lives

      Forty percent of Americans don’t have $400 for an emergency. Seventy percent don’t have a college degree when non-college required jobs are shrinking and the real wages are less than the previous generation of workers. And no real government safety net if you fall compared to the rest of the world.

      Trump gives them hope in a similar way that Obama and Sanders have with their campaigns.

      From that perspective, the racism condoned may be part of the larger scapegoating dynamic of needing someone else to blame. Meaning address the underlying economic issues and the White Nationalism contingent loses its influence.


      Note: Amy inflammatory language used above does not reflect my personal views: instead it was an attempt to communicate what I believe are the views of many of his supporters.

    • I feel sorry for my American friends. I do. What a clusterf@ck. My initial reaction was what if your military and health budgets had of been reversed?

      I'm also quite proud of the way my country has manned-up to this crisis.

      The Australian Government instituted restrictions weeks before the WHO raised the alarm. Borders were closed, medical supplies stockpiled, strict social distancing enacted and embraced by the populous - and there have been generous Social Security payments made available. Similar to Canada. Tenants and landlords have been protected and wages guaranteed for the majority. Politics has been bipartisan.

      There's still a long way to go, but the leadership has been strong, decisive and althought not without error and not always pleasing everybody - it has been effective. We're down to no new cases in a 24 hour period. Obviously being an island helps.

      We still had the stupidity of panic buying and shortages, but that has settled down somewhat too. Now we stay at home and wait. Wait for the shit-show that recovering from all this will take.

    • Believe me, we have lots of corporate sycophants too. What’s different is that public opinion holds them in check.

    • But Dave . . . Dave! If the U.S. military and healthcare budgets were to be reversed, how could we make the world safe for plutocracy? Why would any society choose to invest in the welfare of its citizens when it could be spreading death and destruction around the globe? You don't seem to grasp the beauty of totally 'free' enterprise!